Friday, September 12, 2008

Bad blogger...

Well i haven't gotten off to a very good start on this whole blogging thing. I wanted to wait until i could post some more pictures, but i am too lazy to upload pictures onto my computer. I will get to it soon though, i main issues lately have been that i have been a medical nightmare! I've been having weird symptoms since the springtime, and only now have found out the culprit to some of my problems. I have an ugly bug in my gut and need to take 8 horsepills a day to get rid of it. Not so fun. =( My doctor and i have seen a lot of each other lately =) She's an awesome doctor, but the downfall is that she can't sit and chat with you for so long. You know how it goes, they need to move onto the next pt. So as for my health, i hope the medical mystery has been solved and i can move on now! It doesn't help that i am a raging hypochondriac, and google my symptoms daily, as well as have my stethoscope handy. Justin just loves getting my daily health update =)
So i hope to start blogging more, we will see. And hopefully i can get some pictures up soon!