Thursday, February 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite (baby) things, part 1

I finally compiled my list of my baby must haves. I've had this list in my head but am finally putting it out there for all you lovelies to see! Now I'm fully aware that every baby is different and what one baby likes doesn't mean all the others will follow suit. But these are the ones my baby loves. And if my baby loves it, so do I!

Luv U Zoo Swing

Haha, totally not my baby, but you get the idea! Landon l-o-v-e-s this. If we put him in there when he's fussy, he instantly calms down. It has a mobile and has music and swings both side to side and front to back. Although the lowest setting on the swing part is enough, we haven't had to go up swing part yet!

Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat and stroller

For me, the simpler the better. I did a lot of research on car seats and strollers. You know, the kind of research that by the end of it, all the words are jumbled together in your head and you're even more confused than when you started. That kind. I know I wanted a travel system and am so happy (so far) with this one. It's so easy to go from home, to car, to stroller and back again.
The stroller is also easy to fold and go. It's a tad bit heavy, but it's so easy to open and close that I don't even care about that!

The Fisher Price Discover and Grow Kick and Play

This is our most favorite baby item yet! Landon is playing on it right now as I type this, keeping himself occupied! We had the luv u zoo playmat but he seemed really bored whenever we laid him on it, so I went out and bought this and we haven't looked back! Maybe now that he's actually grabbing at toys he may actually play on the other mat, but I think we'll stick with this one. He loves kicking the piano, staring up at himself in the mirror above him, and grabs and bats at the toys. I actually have a picture of him on it in my previous post. What I also love is that as he grows and sits by himself, the piano can turn up and he can still play on the piano sitting. Plus the toy overhang can come off and lay in front of him for tummy time. This is by far my ultimate recommendation! 

Baby legs!

I love love love babylegs! Yes they are legwarmers, but they make them for boys too : ) Landon is also sporting some babylegs in the playmat picture in the previous post as well. They are super cute and keep his legs toasty warm. It also makes diaper changing super quick as well. Love love love these.

Snuza Halo movement monitor

Landon has yet to sleep in his crib, and since he is still sleeping in our room in his pack n play we don't have a monitor for him. Since I am paranoid about SIDS, I found this nifty little movement monitor that attaches to his diaper. It's smaller than you think, and doesn't seem to bother him. We just put it on him at night and haven't had any big issues with it yet. I know some people who don't like it, and equal number of people who love it. We've had it for about a month and it does come off every now and then since he kicks like a maniac sometimes. And a few times we've had false alarms since it has come off. But I'd rather have a few false alarms than no monitor at all. I know movement monitors are controversial, but it works for us and we love it.

Carter's Playard and Changer

This is what Landon sleeps in right now next to our bed. I didn't want to get just a bassinet since those have weight limits and I'll only get a short use out of it, and I wanted him in our room right off the bat. I also didn't want him in the bed with us, so this seemed like the logical option for us. He sleeps in the bassinet part on top right now, and when he outgrows that, then it become just a regular playard later on. Plus, it has a changing table that stores on the side, but comes up and attaches to the top for changing. Plus, the little organizer on the side to put all our diaper, wipes, extra sheets etc... I love it because it's so functional and I can get many uses out of it. Oh, and it also comes with a little lullaby machine. 
Oh, and I also recommend getting plenty of extra sheets for whatever sleeping option you decide on, plus lots of extra changing pad covers. Those extra bassinet sheets come in handy in the middle of the night when he peed on or spit up on them and we've had to do middle of the night sheet changes. No one wants to do laundry at 2 am!


Don't be freaked out by the picture. This is a snot sucker, and although the concept seems completely and utterly weird and gross, I assure you, it's fabulous! Being a nurse and using bulb suctions all the time at work, I see how irritated little noses can get from too much suctioning. This little gadget can get boogers out much more quickly than a bulb. The first time I used it I got a lot of big boogers out of Landon's nose in one use! So, how it works is you put an end in LO's nose and suck on the other end to suck out the boogers. Gross sound I know, but it has a filter so there is no way the boogers will come close to your mouth, I promise! You will love it when your baby has a cold, and don't forget to use saline with it!

Ok, that's enough for now, I may do another post later on, I have some more favorites I'd love to share with you all. Plus, I'm trying out a few new toys with Landon so if he loves those, then they may be added to my favorites list! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

iphone dump

Almost a month has gone by since my last post, ahhh! But 2012 has been good to us so far. No, I have not kept up with my declutter plan, haha! I did it for like a week and then fell behind. Which sucks because it was the easiest thing to follow. Hmm, maybe I'll get back into it...eventually. It's so hard to keep up with things now with a baby. In between feeding him, making sure he gets enough stimulation, and cuddling him, there's not much time between, ha! But I do what I can. Oh yeah, and pinterest takes up a lot of my time as well : )

Anyway, I'll taking a note from Kelle's blog and do a phone dump. She does Friday phone dumps, but since I haven't blogged in forever, it will just be a purge! Ok, well it's not a complete phone dump because I've taken waaaay too many pictures this past month and well, I'll only give you the best ones...

Landon turned three months! In a few weeks he'll be 4 months! Just this past month his little personality is showing through and he's shown a lot of different milestones.

He loves this piano mat. Lol, he loves looking up at the mirror above him and stare at himself!

He also loooooves bath time. Just this past week it seems as though he loves splashing his little feet in the water.

And of course he loves his hands. Forget the $11 toy we just bought him, give him his hands any day!

I wish I had his eyelashes...

Over the past couple weeks, he's finally recognized his toys and reaches for them. I've been waiting for him to do this, I got a genius baby on my hands! : )

And I am officially a baby clothes shopaholic. My kid has more clothes than I do now...My justification is that there are a lot more cuter girl stuff than boy, so whenever I find really cute boy things I HAVE to get them!

And a pinterest project. I took all my Christmas photo cards people sent me and put them in a little book and put it away with my Christmas decorations. That way each year I can add to it and look at them over the years.

And since today is Super Bowl, I must go get the house, me and the baby ready for it!