Monday, April 20, 2009

busy weekend

Justin was out of town this weekend for RC racing in wenatchee, so i was all alone this weekend. I thought i would be really bored, but this was actually a very busy weekend! Friday night i went and saw 17 Again which was surprisingly pretty funny. I love those movies where you don't have to think, just laugh! Than Saturday morning i went to the launch at my gym to do some great workouts. Saturday afternoon my friend Tiffany and I (pictured above) went and bought some hats to wear to a co-workers going away dinner. We had to wear a "funky" hat and we did not own any! The picture of us above is with hats we did NOT purchase for obvious reasons, but we did find some really cute kentucky derby style hats. The dinner was fun and delicious.

Sunday morning my friend Mauri and i did a three mile Cystic Fibrosis walk at Howard Amon Park. I came in third (even thought it was not a race) and we did it in less than 30 minutes. 

And finally, yum! Sunday evening Mauri and i baked! You know me and baking lately. We baked german chocolate coconut bars (the first picture) and cookie surprise cupcakes. The surprise was  chocolate chip cookie in the middle, yum-0! They came out delicious and we made so many that i took most of my share to work. Hopefully my co-workers enjoyed them! I felt bad because Justin couldn't eat any of these treats b/c he is allergic to chocolate so i made him some peanut butter cookies, which he was content with =) 
All in all, it was a great weekend, and i got my reading in too!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Look what i will be doing all weekend! I went to Barnes and Noble to get the third book of a series i am reading, and look what all i ended up buying! I was so excited about my new purchases i had to take a picture =) You are probably wondering what the books are that all have dead as the title. Justin's mom and my friend both recommended them to me. They are like the twilight books, but not as teeny-bopper. I like the twilight books better but these are pretty dang good too. I'm wondering if stephanie meyer got the idea for twilight from these books ; ) These were written before twilight and have sort of the same story line. Human girl falls in love with a vampire. They are good, and there are seven books in the series so they will keep me busy!
And you all know i am still on my cooking binge, so i bought some recipe magazines that i can't wait to try out. PLUS, i used my barnes and noble member card AND used a coupon, so that made my purchase even more exciting! I only went to buy one book, but figured since i am using all these savings, why not stock up?! Who doesn't love a bargain?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I realized today, i have a addiction i think...i am addicted to celebrity gossip magazines. I subscribe to US weekly (which i love!), and get that every two weeks, but apparently that is not enough! While at walmart today, i bought a Life&Style, which is worse than US, but still so tempting!

And it's not just magazines. I watch celebrity news on TV like Enews, AND i regularly check and a couple times a day! But i also do check up on and =) That should balance out right? But i figure if this is the only bad addiction i have, than i'll be alright! Anyway, i am off to read the new Life&Style i just bought!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a teaspoon of this, a teaspoon of that...

If you read my blog last week, you will remember that i have been in a cooking mood. Well that hasn't went away. I've been looking up new recipes to try and i tried a quick one today that is pictured above. It is powdered sugar crisps, but with my own twist. It has powdered sugar but i also added a light vanilla/coconut frosting that i made. I made some with just powdered sugar and some with the frosting. They did not turn out too shabby, for being healthy =) 
Whenever i try new recipes, i always to try and make it a little bit healthier. Like i use non-fat sour cream instead of regular, or use my yogurt butter instead of regular butter. It makes me feel better about eating it!

I recently found out about farm chicks, and their book is pictured above. They are two women from the Spokane area who kind of remind me of Martha Stewart! They have a book with recipes, a blog, and a website. They don't just do cooking though, they also do crafts and they have an annual antique show. They describe themselves as farm girl meets fifth avenue. I am definitely no farm girl, but i enjoy their book and website/blog! They are having a book signing here in tri-cities next week, so i may have to go have my book signed! 

If anyone has any good/healthy recipes, i am always looking for new ones!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Saturday

We got a lot accomplished today, and the weather was beautiful! Sooo sunny! We were able to go to the dog park and of course Chase just loved playing with all his friends. There are pictures of him and us on the way to the dog park! I'm so excited that there are plans for a bigger dog park, keep your fingers crossed that it gets approved!

I also was wanting to try some new recipes i got from a blog i regularly follow. I included some pictures above so you can have a visual. The first one is of a fruit pizza, so delicious! I included a before and after picture of when i added the whipped cream on top. I think i was supposed to completely cover the fruit, but i like that you can see some of the fruit through the whipped cream. The last picture is of a meat cup. The picture doesn't make it look so good, but i promise, it is delicious as well! I had fun cooking, and of course my husband was the tast tester. If any of you want, i can include the recipe in a following post, just ask!