Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's in your bag?

If you read US magazine, then you know the section What's in my bag? Where they have star's empty out their bag and show you what's inside. It's one of my favorite parts of the magazine!

Well I thought I would do my own edition of What's in my bag?!

My love, my Coach purse. I'm in love with this bag.

I'm actually pretty boring, I don't have a lot of cool stuff.
 Above I have my Coach wallet, checkbook, small coupon binder (you never know when you might need a coupon!), keys, bag of almonds (for a quick snack on the go), Josie Maran lip gloss, chapstick, TWO things of hand sanitizer (everyone should carry that), and my victoria secret compact mirror. 
One thing I always forget to throw in my purse is a pen and curse myself whenever I need one!

I would love to see inside your bag (in not a creepy way)!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

28 weeks

Sorry if this blog is all about baby and food, but right now that is what my life is consumed by! Oh and great news, I passed my glucose test! No diabetic diet for this girl, but I am still going to try and eat better. Here's what has gone down today:

Breakfast- mini whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter and bananas.
Lunch- my chicken/avocado salad I love so much.
Dinner- I routinely have breakfast for dinner and was feeling it tonight. I had a toasted wheat sandwich thin with greek yogurt, and egg topped with cheddar cheese and fresh basil. Yum-o. Oh, and grapes too.

It was delicious. Although next time I will use plain greek yogurt instead of the lemon one (it was all I had).

28 weeks- oh, and I'm adding a new catergory-food cravings. Saw it on another blog and since I am always talking about food, I thought why not add it!

How far along: 28w1d

Total Weight Gain: About the same, haven't weighed myself.

Stretchmarks: Yes, boo 

Sleep: Really good lately. I'm getting used to the snoogle. At first I hated it, but after accidentally ripping it, it's actually gotten quite more comfortable. And it helps me from turning onto my back.

Best Moment This Week: Finding out I passed the glucose test!

Movement: Yep

Gender: Boy! 

Food cravings:  Avocado, peanut butter, bananas.

Belly Button: Still in but definitely starting to push out.

What I Miss: Nothing

 What I am Looking Forward to: Everything!

Milestones: 28 weeks!

Belly picture: 

Excuse the messy bathroom.

There you have it, onto another week!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Who knew a baby was so expensive!

We had a very busy weekend, but it was very profitable! I had a yard sale with some friends and made quite a bit of money. I cleaned out clutter ( I think I was working my way towards hoarder), and earned some money for baby's room. Nevermind it was hotter than heck, but I managed to stay hydrated and somewhat cool.
I think we finally decided on bedding, and have yet to decide on a crib. The money I earned at the yard sale would pay for a crib and some of the bedding, so success!
I also have to buy a new car, eek! My car is a very small two door, not ideal for a baby. J and I went and test drove a crossover we really liked, and I think we are leaning towards getting it. I won't announce it until we are 100% for sure getting it. It'll be hard to say goodbye to my little Honda, it's such a great car. If it had four doors, I don't think I would be getting rid of it.

Oh, and I wanted to show a picture of the delicious granola I've been eating. Since so much of my time revolves around food, it's only natural I will be posting more about it : )

This is seriously addicting, I could probably eat it by the handfuls!

Also, I hit 28 weeks today! I haven't taken a bump photo yet, so I will do the 28 week update when I take a picture. I just got some new cute maternity tops in the mail, so I will be modeling those! May I add, it is so hard to find cute maternity tops around here. I've had to resort to ordering online. Not the cheapest, but I'm definitely more comfortable now that I have some tops to squeeze into!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Late night randomness

27 weeks has come and lucky me got to do the glucose tolerance test to test me for gestational diabetes......and I failed. The cut off was 130 and my sugar was 140, boo. So now I have to do a 3 hour test (which doesn't sound fun) and pray that it is fine. That requires me to sit at the lab for 3 HOURS and get poked every hour. Nonetheless it was a wake up call to what I'm eating. I admit, I have been eating junk this whole pregnancy. I'm just so lazy and exhausted I cook up whatever is fast, and it's usually not healthy. I have been living off sugary cereals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and toast with nutella. I have been eating a ton of yogurt, and drinking my weight in water so that's good at least! So regardless of whether I fail the 3 hour or not, I am buckling down and eating better. And I'm hoping to start doing some mild exercise. Maybe just some walking and some weights. Today I ate pretty good. I'll break it down for you...

Breakfast/lunch- whole wheat natural blueberry pancakes with sugar free syrup. These little pancakes are perfect. The servings come individually wrapped, 3 little pancakes in each and it's the perfect portion.
I was on the go all afternoon and needed a snack so while I was at Hastings of all places I bought an individually wrapped skinny cow chocolate wafer snack. It was delicious!
Dinner- It was wonderful.

Sorry for the horrible iphone pic and my yard sale stickers in the background. Chicken/avocado salad. YUM! I found the recipe through another blog, and kind of did my own take on it. It's diced chicken, avocado, and grapes mixed with greek yogurt on top of lettuce. Simple but packed with flavor! I will be re-creating this many more times.

Snack- blueberry yogurt with natural banana nut granola. Also delicious.

I should have been eating healthy these entire 27 weeks, but better late than never, right?!

Speaking of 27 weeks...

How far along: 27w3d

Total Weight Gain: Oh my lanta. I think 15-20 lbs! Wow is all I can say right now.

Stretchmarks: Yes, boo 

Sleep: The same, pretty good some nights, other nights not so much.

Best Moment This Week: We are finally talking about nursery plans!

Movement: Yep

Gender: Boy! Which was confirmed again at my ultrasound this week.

Belly Button: Starting to make it's way out I think.

What I Miss: Nothing

 What I am Looking Forward to: Everything!

Milestones: 27 weeks!

Belly picture:  Again, horrible iphone pic, still haven't picked up my nice expensive camera.