Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day was nice. Justin and I enjoyed a nice quiet evening together, and even got to make fondue, yum!
My heart was content.

However, earlier in the day I was witness to another heart breaking.
We got our new foster dog yesterday, and as we were welcoming her to our home, another home was ripped apart. Her owner was a little old lady. She was going into assisted living and had to give her 6 year old companion up because she cannot take her with her.
I went to pick her up at the site and didn't think the owner would be there. I know her family was taking care of the dog right now so I figured they would be there, but was not expecting the lady. Well she was there. At first she was cheerful and told me about Lizzie, the dog. Showed me her tricks, told me what she doesn't like, and her normal routine. I nodded, smiled, and laughed at all the appropriate times. But inside, I was dreading what was to come. And that was when I would leave with Lizzie.
I went to put all of Lizzie's things into my car, and coming back in, the lady's daughter was crying a bit because she knew the time was coming. We talked a bit longer, and they handed me Lizzie. The little old lady got up and said "well I will go wait outside." She went out and stood by the car. I could see her through the window right outside and she stood by the car, looking the other way, head down.
I left a few minutes later, and the little old lady was still there, back turned to us, not being able to watch us walk away. And right there, my heart broke for her.
I drove away thinking what a crappy day I chose for this to happen. I told them Monday would be a good day for me since I was off, completely forgetting it was Valentine's Day.
Lizzie has been doing ok, she's a bit scared of her new surroundings, and our hyper dogs aren't helping out much. But she seems more comfortable today, I think it'll just take her awhile. Even though foster dogs aren't allowed on our furniture, I let her lay next to me on the couch last night. I made an exception for her.
I will post pictures of Lizzie in another post. Today is my birthday and I am relaxing as much as I can before I head into work tonight. Please say a prayer for Lizzie's owner if you have a minute. Thank you.

Thoughtful Tuesday,


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Our fourth foster pup came and went. We only had her for 6 days, but in those 6 days, I fell in love with her!

She was three months old and definitely a puppy. She wasn't fully housetrained or crate trained but she was decent at it. For a puppy : ) She liked to tear out toys and play with Chase and Brea. Towards the end of her six days here all three dogs would snuggle together.
Oh how she loved to cuddle! And whenever she would take a nap, she would lay right on my foot.

Her and her brother got adopted today. Along with many other puppies. A lot of new best friends were formed. On Monday we will welcome another beloved dog into our home.
We love you Adina and will forever miss you!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

More quotes for you!

Wow, two weeks since I've blogged?! Bad me. I don't know what I've been busy with. Random stuff I guess. work, house...pure laziness. The latter is more accurate. : ) I read a quote yesterday on this random blog I found and thought I would share. You all know me. Quote lover. It's probably safe to say I have at least a hundred quotes I love. Of course lately my most favorite have been about strength, hope, and sorrow. I will only share a select few of my favorites with you. I hope at least one of them speaks to your heart in a way only it can.

"You see, when the almighty Father writes a story-it truly is a masterpiece. One that only he can put together. Though the road to get to the end of the story may be filled with pain, heartache, and sorry-the end is simply glorious. One we sometimes never see coming." Adeye

"When you are sorrowful look into your heart and you shall see that you are weeping for that which has been your delight." Kahlil Gibran

And one of my all time favorites-

"Out of sorrow have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars."

Thoughtful Thursday,