Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camping, surgeries, and phones...

We went camping last weekend with some good friends of ours. I forgot how much i loved camping!! I have to admit, we made a pretty nice campsite, it's too bad we couldn't stay longer! We ate a lot and tried to stay in the shade and stay away from bugs! The days were hot and the nights were cool...perfect! We also got to use our new tent which was awesome! It's big enough to stand up in and for the doggies to stay in when they go. It even has doggie doors! We didn't bring them because Brea is still a pup and doesn't have all her vaccines yet. And Chase is her companion now so of course we couldn't split them up =) Justin's brothers ended up staying at the house and housesit and dogsit for us, which was so nice!!

The day we went camping i found out i need surgery =( Not major surgery, but it needs to be done. I have a stubborn ovarian cyst that keeps getting bigger and the doctor wants to take it out before it gets too big and starts causing lots of pain. It's not a suspicious cyst, the doc said if he were to get one, this would be the one to get! So it's going to be in two weeks, so say a little prayer for me on August 11th! I just wish that I was double covered with Justin's insurance since mine sucks!!
And last but not least...

That's right, i got an iphone!!! If you were to ask me a week ago, i would say, "why would i get an iphone?!" But Justin had to get a new phone since his was dying and everytime he talked to someone on the phone he had to hit it on something to be able to hear. So playing with his, i discovered that i loved it and had to have one naturally =) I do love it, and have a pretty pink case for it. All in all, it's been a busy past week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Isn't she the cutest?! We added our fourth (and final) pet to the family...Brea (pronounced
bree-a). She is a silky terrier and 100% hypoallergenic! That means, NO shedding! Sheis 12 weeks old and 2 pounds 10 oz. Justin always wanted a yellow lab and i've always wanted a little lap dog, but wasn't sure what kind I wanted, but once i saw her i knew! Well now we have Chase and i have my little lap dog! Don't get me wrong, i wouldn't trade Chase for anything! He is the perfect dog and I love him so much, but Brea adds some spunky girliness to the house now! She made herself right at home and we are in the middle of pottytraining. I heard terriers are hard to pottytrain so wish us luck! We are also trying to crate train her, which is going OK so far. She's fine in the crate as long as her brother is in the crate next to her or sitting outside of it protecting her!

Her and Chase get along so well! The only thing i have to worry about is that he doesn't step on her, which is hasn't yet! But he has gotten a lot better about being aware of where she is so he doesn't step on her. She is like the annoying little sister. She nibbles on his feet and neck, climbs ALL over him and wants to play with his toys! As seen in the picture above where she is chewing on his bone. They play and snuggle. When we brough her home, Chase greeted her with a wagging tail and he's been wagging it ever since! I will post some pictures of them cuddling later, because of course i have some! The cats hid from her for the first couple days, but they seem to be OK now. They avoid her. She runs up to them every now and then and they just run away from her.

Yes, she is wearing a dress =) And she looks very cute and girly in them!
The only drawback is that the vet thinks she has kennel cough that she must have contracted from being in the pet store. She doesn't act sick. She runs around the house like a crazy woman and stops every now and then to cough. Or when she is sleeping she will wake up and cough, but we are giving her cough medicine. We have to give her antibiotics and hopefully it will go away soon. Chase is already vaccinated from kennel cough. The vet says there's always a chance he or the cats can still get it though so we just have to keep an eye on them.
All in all, we are enjoying her and loving on her!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hip-hip hooray, we finished the fire-pit today!

Yay! Another yard project finished! I am almost embarassed to show the picture above, but it is necessary for you to understand the magnitude of this project! haha! For those of you who haven't seen our yard recently, it is weed-mania! When we bought this house, the backyard was just dirt and not finished. So we put sod in and extended the concrete out back. Then we didn't do much after that! Plus to top it off, our sprinklers suck and we get NO water pressure, so we are constantly dealing with dying grass. The actual fire-pit was given to us by justin's step-dad last christmas...see, we had good intentions! So we cleared it out and put weed fabric down.

Above is a half-way done picture.

Here is the firepit area completed! I love the idea of putting brick around it, Justin has great ideas!

Actually Justin should get all the credit for the finished product, he did 90% of the work! All in all, it turned out great! We haven't used it yet. We were going to try it out tonight but we were occupied with another thing, but that is another post in itself...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer lovin...

I obviously have been enjoying the summer since it has been forever since i updated! I am trying to be outside as much as possible enjoying the summer days. Going for walks, sunbathing, golfing, doing yard work (yes, me doing yard work!). I have also been doing a lot of reading. I finished the true blood series (eight books!) and am excited for the new one to come out this fall.

Next i am on to Mommywood. I read her first book sTori telling and that was actually hilarious! I was not really a fan of Tori Spelling but decided to read her first book since it was on the bestsellers list. After that, i started watching her reality show Home Sweet Hollywood on oxygen and love it! She actually has a great sense of humor and now i am a fan =) I'm excited to read her second book Mommywood. After that i am going to read the Time Traveler's Wife. I know that book has been out forever and it never really caught my attention. But a couple weeks ago when i was at the movies, i saw that they made it a movie and the preview looked really good. I'm hoping the book will be good too!

My good friend Sarah (the one in the middle) came into town last week. She lives in the Seattle area and doesn't make it over here as much so i'm always happy to see her. AND i'm especially happy i was off! Usually she comes down on days i'm working, but not this time! It's always a fun time when Sarah is in town!

To come...We started doing the fire-pit (not really a pit though) area in the backyard. It is halfway done, so i will post pictures when it's finished!