Monday, June 9, 2008


I thought i would join the craze and start blogging! Hopefully i will be able to keep up with it...I call this blog the "Wilde Zoo" for a couple reasons. First, my new last name is Wilde. I'm in the process of changing the million and one things to my new last name. I thought i would just have to change the obvious ones: driver's license, social security, bank accounts. But than i started thinking about it, and there is WAY more things i need to change. All the accounts we never think about, like macy's, nursing license, cell phones etc...It's a slow work in progress! It's also going to take some time to sign Wilde instead of Avila. Especially at work! Second, i call the blog the zoo because of our animals. They are our babies and are way too spoiled! Our two cats think they are the coolest cats ever (they are) and Chase the puppy is my biggest baby, but he's such a lover! Anyone who comes over to our house knows they will get lots of love from Chase. He loves giving kisses and at times is a bit inappropriate! We are working on that...I will post more later on our wedding and honeymoon. Lots of pictures to share!

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