Thursday, July 16, 2009


Isn't she the cutest?! We added our fourth (and final) pet to the family...Brea (pronounced
bree-a). She is a silky terrier and 100% hypoallergenic! That means, NO shedding! Sheis 12 weeks old and 2 pounds 10 oz. Justin always wanted a yellow lab and i've always wanted a little lap dog, but wasn't sure what kind I wanted, but once i saw her i knew! Well now we have Chase and i have my little lap dog! Don't get me wrong, i wouldn't trade Chase for anything! He is the perfect dog and I love him so much, but Brea adds some spunky girliness to the house now! She made herself right at home and we are in the middle of pottytraining. I heard terriers are hard to pottytrain so wish us luck! We are also trying to crate train her, which is going OK so far. She's fine in the crate as long as her brother is in the crate next to her or sitting outside of it protecting her!

Her and Chase get along so well! The only thing i have to worry about is that he doesn't step on her, which is hasn't yet! But he has gotten a lot better about being aware of where she is so he doesn't step on her. She is like the annoying little sister. She nibbles on his feet and neck, climbs ALL over him and wants to play with his toys! As seen in the picture above where she is chewing on his bone. They play and snuggle. When we brough her home, Chase greeted her with a wagging tail and he's been wagging it ever since! I will post some pictures of them cuddling later, because of course i have some! The cats hid from her for the first couple days, but they seem to be OK now. They avoid her. She runs up to them every now and then and they just run away from her.

Yes, she is wearing a dress =) And she looks very cute and girly in them!
The only drawback is that the vet thinks she has kennel cough that she must have contracted from being in the pet store. She doesn't act sick. She runs around the house like a crazy woman and stops every now and then to cough. Or when she is sleeping she will wake up and cough, but we are giving her cough medicine. We have to give her antibiotics and hopefully it will go away soon. Chase is already vaccinated from kennel cough. The vet says there's always a chance he or the cats can still get it though so we just have to keep an eye on them.
All in all, we are enjoying her and loving on her!

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Jennie said...

She is so CUTE!