Sunday, February 5, 2012

iphone dump

Almost a month has gone by since my last post, ahhh! But 2012 has been good to us so far. No, I have not kept up with my declutter plan, haha! I did it for like a week and then fell behind. Which sucks because it was the easiest thing to follow. Hmm, maybe I'll get back into it...eventually. It's so hard to keep up with things now with a baby. In between feeding him, making sure he gets enough stimulation, and cuddling him, there's not much time between, ha! But I do what I can. Oh yeah, and pinterest takes up a lot of my time as well : )

Anyway, I'll taking a note from Kelle's blog and do a phone dump. She does Friday phone dumps, but since I haven't blogged in forever, it will just be a purge! Ok, well it's not a complete phone dump because I've taken waaaay too many pictures this past month and well, I'll only give you the best ones...

Landon turned three months! In a few weeks he'll be 4 months! Just this past month his little personality is showing through and he's shown a lot of different milestones.

He loves this piano mat. Lol, he loves looking up at the mirror above him and stare at himself!

He also loooooves bath time. Just this past week it seems as though he loves splashing his little feet in the water.

And of course he loves his hands. Forget the $11 toy we just bought him, give him his hands any day!

I wish I had his eyelashes...

Over the past couple weeks, he's finally recognized his toys and reaches for them. I've been waiting for him to do this, I got a genius baby on my hands! : )

And I am officially a baby clothes shopaholic. My kid has more clothes than I do now...My justification is that there are a lot more cuter girl stuff than boy, so whenever I find really cute boy things I HAVE to get them!

And a pinterest project. I took all my Christmas photo cards people sent me and put them in a little book and put it away with my Christmas decorations. That way each year I can add to it and look at them over the years.

And since today is Super Bowl, I must go get the house, me and the baby ready for it!

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