Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google is the devil and book du jour

If you know me, you know i can be somewhat of a hypochondriac =) And who is a hypochondriac's best friend? Google. Well, it is also an enemy in my opinion. I can spend an hour perusing Google. Sometimes i get on and off in a few minutes because i find the answer i like and leave it at that. Other times, i search and search until i can find the most horrible scenario possible, and then am convinced i have that. Just ask my husband =) I have told him jokingly that he should block google from my laptop so that i can never ever look at it again. But knowing me, i would get on his desktop...or laptop...or my iphone. I would find a way. I write this post after spending an hour on google doing this very thing. I won't bore you with what i think i have today. That may be a different post entirely! That is where i come to the conclusion Google is the devil. Just thought i'd throw that out there.

While i'm not scouring the internet trying to find the worse news ever, i'm doing lots of reading. My current book is Dear John. A co-worker lent it to me and i'm excited to get started! I haven't seen the movie yet because i wanted to read the book first. If you love Nicholas Sparks you will love his most recent: The Last Song. I bought it a few months ago and loved it! Now, i'm not much of a crier when it comes to books, but i bawled in this one! I highly recommend it, and i hope the movie that is coming out will do the book justice.

I just finished two of Lauren Conrad's books that my good friend gave me for my birthday. LA Candy and Sweet little lies. I liked them both. I thought that reading them would be like an episode of The Hills since it's loosely based on her life. But surprisingly, i got really into the characters and plot and didn't think anything of The Hills while reading it! I'm pretty sure that there will be third book from the way the second book ended. Either that, or the second book's ending was the worst one ever since it left me hanging!
Happy hump day everyone! (Oh yeah, and i just figured out what that meant =) )


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ShanPando said...

hmm! i didn't even know LC had books out! i'll have to check them out!