Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simple pleasures

I have to write a quick blog about a new finding of mine. Justin actually heard good things about this duster and suggested we get it, and i LOVE it! Mine is a little bit different than the one pictured above. The duster part on mine is yellow, and the "feathers" actually go on both sides. I have used it on my blinds, lamps, bookshelves etc... I got really excited when i was dusting ( and i NEVER get excited about cleaning). Since it is a sunny day out, the sun is just shining through parts of the house. While i was cleaning, i noticed that the dust wasn't flying in the air, it was getting trapped on the duster! No, i am not getting paid to advertise this product, but figured if you hate cleaning like i do, you would also get excited about a product that makes cleaning a tad bit easier!

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