Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh where to begin...

I haven't updated in a week or two and it has been a busy few weeks! I had been picking up a lot of overtime at work since we are so busy so i spent most of my time there. The overtime money was good except for that it all went to the animals! Here's what went down the last few weeks:

Justin discovered that Jackson had a polyp/tumor on his anus (gross i know). So Jackson had surgery (and a dental since he was under anesthesia) last Friday to remove it. It went smoothly and they did a biopsy just in case but we haven't heard anything back on that. He was his same old self even the minute he got back from the vet and he is doing good so far.

Game nights! I love them =) Justin's brother Ben was back in town for spring break and so we had a family gathering for game night. Tons o' fun!

Yum, melting pot! Justin and i made a day trip to Spokane to help move Ben's things to storage. Actually Justin helped, i just watched. So while we were up there we decided to go to the Melting Pot for dinner and brought along Ben and Amy (picture of them above). They are my favorite couple, they are so darn cute!

And of course we stuffed ourselves silly with fondue. I didn't think i was a big fan of fondue until i tried the melting pot a few months ago, and apparently i am a fan!

And then there was Chase. Right before Jackson had his surgery and the day after we got back from Spokane, Chase got sick. He was vomiting and couldn't keep anything down. So we took him to Pet Emergency and they did tests and kept him overnight for fluids. they didn't find anything too obvious, but though it was something he got into while we were away. We picked him up the next day and he was not his usual self. He seemed in a lot of pain and not the chase we know and love. So we took him back that night and they did a few more tests. They found nothing wrong, and actually his tests came back even better than the day before. So they sent us home with pain meds. Well it took him a day or two but he is now back to normal. We never did figure out what was wrong with him, i guess everyone just assumed it was something he got into. So he is back in full force and his usual ADHD self =)

And lastly, myself. When is there something NOT wrong with me =) I started feeling like i had a scratchy throat last friday. I worked all weekend, and wore a mask since most of the time it just felt like my throat was scratchy. Yesterday however i just started feeling way worse, and it is just a cold but it hit hard! So i have been in bed all day long trying to sleep it off. But i had to get out of bed for a bit so i decided to update the blog. I already called out sick from work tonight and if i don't get any better, will probably have to do it again tomorrow. 
So i am off to bed again! 

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