Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wonderful wine tasting...

If you know me, you know i love love love wine tasting! It's so fun and you walk away with tasty wines purchased! Well i haven't been wine tasting in a while so i was super excited to go this past saturday with co-worker friends. It was Tiffany's birthday and her first time wine tasting! She loved it and found out she loved the sweet white wines (like me). I like blushes too, but prefer the whites. I'm told though that i will love reds with age =) Anyway, it was a windy day, but fun nonetheless. At the same time, we were on a mission. A while ago for my bridal shower, a friend of mine (and fellow wine enthusiast) gave me a blush wine called LuLu. And it is one of my favorite wines now! Well i figured since we will be wine tasting in the same area that LuLu is sold, we would go find it. Well let me tell you, it was not easy, and we still didn't find it! We finally tracked down the building but they were closed for the day =( Guess that just means we will have to go wine tasting again to try and find the mysterious LuLu!

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