Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Saturday

We got a lot accomplished today, and the weather was beautiful! Sooo sunny! We were able to go to the dog park and of course Chase just loved playing with all his friends. There are pictures of him and us on the way to the dog park! I'm so excited that there are plans for a bigger dog park, keep your fingers crossed that it gets approved!

I also was wanting to try some new recipes i got from a blog i regularly follow. I included some pictures above so you can have a visual. The first one is of a fruit pizza, so delicious! I included a before and after picture of when i added the whipped cream on top. I think i was supposed to completely cover the fruit, but i like that you can see some of the fruit through the whipped cream. The last picture is of a meat cup. The picture doesn't make it look so good, but i promise, it is delicious as well! I had fun cooking, and of course my husband was the tast tester. If any of you want, i can include the recipe in a following post, just ask!

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