Friday, April 17, 2009


Look what i will be doing all weekend! I went to Barnes and Noble to get the third book of a series i am reading, and look what all i ended up buying! I was so excited about my new purchases i had to take a picture =) You are probably wondering what the books are that all have dead as the title. Justin's mom and my friend both recommended them to me. They are like the twilight books, but not as teeny-bopper. I like the twilight books better but these are pretty dang good too. I'm wondering if stephanie meyer got the idea for twilight from these books ; ) These were written before twilight and have sort of the same story line. Human girl falls in love with a vampire. They are good, and there are seven books in the series so they will keep me busy!
And you all know i am still on my cooking binge, so i bought some recipe magazines that i can't wait to try out. PLUS, i used my barnes and noble member card AND used a coupon, so that made my purchase even more exciting! I only went to buy one book, but figured since i am using all these savings, why not stock up?! Who doesn't love a bargain?!

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