Sunday, August 23, 2009

Low-key weekend

Had a good, weekend, got a lot done. I feel a lot better, no more pain from surgery so i was happy to be able to do the things i used to do. We got the house cleaned up since it was long overdue! The exciting thing is that we got our new couch!! I did not like our old couch and since i spend a decent amount of time on it =), i decided to get a new one. My dad liked my old one so he ended up buying our old one. I was scared when we bought it because it was big. Our living room is a weird shape, and small, so there wasn't much space or many options of how to set it up. But luckily it fit better than i thought it would. And it's so comfy!!! There isn't any room to put much else in the living room but that is OK by me.

We also made a grocery run which was also very much needed. I studied and did an online test for NRP, TRIED to teach Brea some new tricks, and started my wedding album. A very productive weekend if i do say so myself.
Next week is the fair and i'm excited! I just like walking around and eating the fair food =)


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