Saturday, August 15, 2009

A whole bunch of...nothing

Today I am actually starting to feel like my old self again. The first few days after surgery were really tough. I was fine as long as i wasn't moving positions, but moving hurt so bad! I really underestimated the gas pains i would be feeling. I know the doctor warned me, and said "everyone experiences them differently" but i thought i would be A Ok in a few days. Wrong! Up until today, it hurt to take deep breaths, so i was always shallow breathing when i wasn't lying down. Now, me being a nurse, i knew the importance of walking, and taking deep breaths. But actually trying to do it is a whole different story!
So yesterday before the weekend hit, i called my doc's office just to see if he could tell me around how long these pains would last. He wasn't in the office, but the nurse took my questions to another doctor, who in return seemed concerned about the pains i was having in my chest and wanted to see me. The people who know me can guess what i was thinking "do i have a pulmonary embolism?!" But after seeing me, the doctor didn't seem concerned. He examined my abdomen because he said he was concerned about abdominal perforation. He said my abdomen checked out fine and the pains i was having everywhere else was just the gas pains to be expected. He reassured me that everyone is different in how long they absorb all the gas bubbles, and said i probably was just absorbing them slowly.
It was also a viscious cycle because i would take my heavy pain meds for the pain, but they would knock me out so much that all i did was sleep and wasn't up walking. So today i only took ibuprofen, and even though it doesn't completely take the pain away, at least i am up walking.
That was probably more info than anyone wanted to hear, but i am just resting now and have watched everything possible on tv and the dogs are sleeping and justin is running errands, so this is all i have left to do =)
So i'm giving my body a week's worth of rest, and hopefully by next week i will be as good as new! Believe me, it was hard calling in sick to work this weekend, but in the end, my health is worth it.

Above are the beautiful flowers my hubby got me to cheer me up, please excuse the barf bag sitting next to it! He also got me a trip to vegas, but that is a whole 'nother story in itself =)

And what post would be complete without a pic of brea. Here she is resting with me. She looks like she is in a desperate need of a brushing, but everytime i brush her, five minutes later she looks like this again!
Oh, and these most recent pics were taken with my iphone! Who knew the quality of the pictures wasn't half bad?!


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