Thursday, November 19, 2009


So i am going on my third day of house arrest...just kidding...i am resting because i was sick at the beginning of the week. Had a 24 hr bug in which i had a fever, body aches and chills and a headache. That is the shortest time i have ever been sick! Usually i get a really nasty head cold that lasts for about 2 weeks. Hopefully this will be my only winter cold and now i'm done. Even though i feel better i am taking it easy so i can go to work over the weekend. I had to go home early from work monday night because that is when my fever started. We are extremely busy at work and i can't afford to be sick, so i have been a couch potato these past few days. Which has been incredibly boring. Been watching tons of TV and movies. I watched the Ugly Truth (funny), my sister's keeper (sad), and monsters vs. aliens (cute movie). Plus endless amounts of reality television.
The fur-babies have been keeping us busy. I'm procrastinating getting Brea fixed, but i think i will finally get it done sometime in December.

I'm getting excited for the holidays. I work thanksgiving, but am off christmas and new years eve, yay! Have some holiday parties planned, but am just looking forward to decorating for christmas, which of course can only happen the day after thanksgiving =)
What's your favorite holiday tradition?


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