Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I usually make a new year's resolution, and attempt it half-heartedly, so here goes mine for 2010! I didn't make one right away because i was trying to come up with a good one, but couldn't really think of anything. But i decided that i would try to maintain a clean house. I usually have a vicious cycle of cleaning the whole house all at once, then letting it get really messy and dirty and then clean it all at once again. What i would like to do, is keep a semi-cleaned house the whole time instead of letting it get as messy as i normally let it. I will attempt it, no promises, but at least i'm trying! (kind of =) ) But first i have to take my christmas decorations down...i hate this part...


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Trisha said...

sounds JUST like me!! i did get the decorations on the inside down, but the outside ones still need to come down ASAP!