Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple pleasures

This blog i read had a post on naming the simple pleasures in your life. I thought it was such a great idea because i have many =) It can be hard to stop and enjoy the little things when you have big things going on in your life, but if you try to enjoy simple pleasures it can make you feel so much better!
Simple pleasures

Getting a note/email from a friend just because.
Staying inside on a rainy day.
Seeing my big dog and teeny dog snuggling together.
Rocking out with my songs on my iphone while i'm doing my hair.
A strawberry slushie from Sonic in the summer.
Wearing flip flops and a sundress in the summer.
Looking at old pictures that i haven't looked at in forever.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
the way i feel after i workout.
having a good hair day.
taking a walk with the hubby and dogs on a summer evening.
listening to christmas music and having my christmas lights on.
buying gifts for people for christmas.
getting my US magazine in the mail.
Watching my DVR'd shows the next day.
Summer evenings.

Man, this is making me excited for summer to show up! I could probably go on and on but will stop for now. If you have a chance, try this because it can make you feel so much better!


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