Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello love!

I am in love with my new SLR digital camera, a Cannon t1i rebel. Love it! Before this, i had a simple little point and shoot that took crappy pictures. Granted, i do love how small my little point and shoot was, but i would quality over convenience any day. I know nothing about photography, so i am still learning. Mostly, i just play with different settings until it comes out half-way decent, but i'm hoping down the road i will actually know what i am doing! Naturally, my animals have become my subjects (and household objects) so i have many of my dogs. It was very hard to capture them since they NEVER stay still, but i managed to get some good ones. I tried uploading more but the site wasn't letting me so i was only able to upload a few.

Actually Justin took the one of Brea below, and i love it!

I am definitely excited to go forward with my new found passion and see what images i can capture.


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Trisha said...

isn't it GREAT!! i got a Nikon D60 about a year ago, and adore it! the only problem, like u said, is the size is not nearly as easy. but once u use a DSLR u'll never want to pick up a point and shoot again!