Saturday, February 27, 2010


I love to be inspired. And every now and then i hope i can inspire others. In the past few years i have let myself be open to inspiration, and i will tell you that i have not been disappointed! Music, people's words, people's photographs, their stories have inspired me one way or another. Heck, even commercials inspire me! Have you ever seen the commercials for liberty mutual insurance? Oh my word, i don't know why, but sometimes when i watch them, i want to to cry! And sometimes when i see them, it inspires me to be a better person to others. That's why i love reading blogs, even if they are complete strangers, because i love hearing people's stories, whether they are simple every day stories, or life altering moments. I love reading them because every now and then, it affects me in a completely surprising way.

Case in point. I have always loved photography. I took a photography class in high school and promptly discovered i wasn't very good at it. So i quit once the class was over and from them on, took simple shots with my little point and shoot cameras. But that didn't quell my love for seeing other's pictures and see what amazing things can be seen through a lens. Every now and then throughout the years i have a thought for a split second to take up photography again. But then i quickly remember how difficult and time consuming it would be, and then i go on with my life. Well, then i stumbled across someone's blog and it completely changed me for the better. This person's words and her pictures totally captivated me and i was hooked. Mind you, she is a complete stranger, but i was moved. It wasn't just her blog in general. It was one certain post. It's a beautiful story about her daughter's birth, and she is so painfully honest. That is the day i was inspired. Inspired to pick up a camera and see what I can see through the lens. She is a photographer, and her pictures are beautiful. Granted, some of her pictures are taken by her friend, but they are also equally beautiful. Now i know that i can probably never ever take the kind of amazing pictures she takes, and that's ok with me. I'm just happy to be inspired again to capture life's amazing moments through my eyes. And for that, i am grateful. I will share her story with you and i promise you will not be disappointed! Click on Nella's birth story.

I'm not going to lie, learning how to take photographs is still a bit hard. I knew nothing about aperature, shutter speed etc...but i'm learning. It will be a long learning process, and my poor dogs! They are constantly my subjects and have already had hundreds of pictures taken of them. And i'm sure there will be hundreds and thousands more of them!

I would add some pictures, because i believe every post should have at least one picture, but honestly, i'm tired and have to work in a few hours so i'm skipping out on the picture today.
Happy Saturday!



Jennie said...

Are you taking lessons or learning on your own?

Elise said...

learning on my own, i may take a class in the summertime.