Friday, March 18, 2011


When I heard about the earthquake that hit Japan last week I said "oh my gosh, how sad!" Then when the tsunami hit, I said "wow, how awful." I watched the news for a bit and read the headlines on the news on the internet. Now that they are talking about the nuclear plant crisis, I started to keep up on it.
But I am extremely ashamed to say that it didn't really affect me right away. Not until yesterday. Yesterday I was looking at the day by day pictures on a slideshow on and that's when it hit me. Something about those pictures made it click for me. The complete devastation and those lives lost. I saw the pictures of cities destroyed, people wandering about looking for family, people collapsing with grief in front of their damaged homes, boats sitting on top of houses, dead people strewn about, officials scanning people for radiation, people standing in long lines for food and water, people walking along empty food aisles, and officials working on the nuclear plant.

 And then I got it.
I understood how truly horrific this all is. How a 8.9 (now they are saying 9.0) earthquake with numerous aftershocks is heartbreaking. And then a tsunami took what was still standing. A tsunami. 
And now...the fear of a nuclear meltdown.
So yes, I am ashamed to say that it took me almost a week to understand the severity of it all. I put myself in their shoes and instantly thought about how scared I would be.

And then I see pictures of how the world has reacted. People (unlike me at first) who really got what was going on. Of people all around the world gathering for those in Japan. Of rescue workers all around the world flying in to help and bring supplies. Of search and rescue dogs from all over, going to help search for the missing.

So I can truly say with every fiber in my being, that my heart goes out to all those affected by this disaster. And my prayers are with the family of those that were taken.
This can all be taken away from us in an instant, scary as it is. Cherish what you have.

Humbled Friday,

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