Sunday, July 24, 2011

25 weeks

Finally decided to do the weekly survey! Although I am a little late since I will be 26 weeks tomorrow, but oh well. Better late than never right?

How far along: As of today 25w6d

Total Weight Gain: Umm, probably quite a bit? I don't weigh myself at home and don't remember from my last Dr. appt. I'll remember to keep track next time. I'm scared to know!

Stretchmarks: Yes, boo 

Sleep: Not so good. It's getting to be a routine where I can't get comfortable, and I can guess it's only going to get worse.

Best Moment This Week: Been able to see my belly move with kicks and movement for a few weeks now on and off. Still love it!

Movement: Yep, although it's not really consistent yet, and some days is more movement than other days.

Gender: Boy!

Belly Button: Still in.

What I Miss: Being able to sleep on my stomach, but it's not a big deal. Small sacrifice for the big reward : )

 What I am Looking Forward to: October! Can I just sleep till then?!

Milestones: 25 weeks! Reached viability last week and that was a huge milestone.

Belly picture: 


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