Monday, August 8, 2011

Who knew a baby was so expensive!

We had a very busy weekend, but it was very profitable! I had a yard sale with some friends and made quite a bit of money. I cleaned out clutter ( I think I was working my way towards hoarder), and earned some money for baby's room. Nevermind it was hotter than heck, but I managed to stay hydrated and somewhat cool.
I think we finally decided on bedding, and have yet to decide on a crib. The money I earned at the yard sale would pay for a crib and some of the bedding, so success!
I also have to buy a new car, eek! My car is a very small two door, not ideal for a baby. J and I went and test drove a crossover we really liked, and I think we are leaning towards getting it. I won't announce it until we are 100% for sure getting it. It'll be hard to say goodbye to my little Honda, it's such a great car. If it had four doors, I don't think I would be getting rid of it.

Oh, and I wanted to show a picture of the delicious granola I've been eating. Since so much of my time revolves around food, it's only natural I will be posting more about it : )

This is seriously addicting, I could probably eat it by the handfuls!

Also, I hit 28 weeks today! I haven't taken a bump photo yet, so I will do the 28 week update when I take a picture. I just got some new cute maternity tops in the mail, so I will be modeling those! May I add, it is so hard to find cute maternity tops around here. I've had to resort to ordering online. Not the cheapest, but I'm definitely more comfortable now that I have some tops to squeeze into!


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Hales said...

Thats awesome you were able to get enough money from the yard sale for bedding and possibly the crib :) Happy 28 weeks, I'm not too dar behind you, which reminds me I need to go shopping for more maternity tops!