Tuesday, February 3, 2009

happy juice...

This is what i feel like doing now...sleeping! This is Chase when he was younger and what him and i both spend many of our days doing...sleeping! So i am hoping to start blogging a lot more, could be a kind of journal for me =) 
Had my endoscopy this morning...and wow, versed and fentanyl are great stuff! The last time i ever had any kind of procedure was when i was 16 and had knee surgery and had mild complications from anesthesia when i was at home. So i was a little scared about this, even though it was conscious sedation. After the nurse gave me the versed, i could feel myself starting to feel drowsy, kind of like fighting sleep. And then when she gave me fentanyl, i don't remember anything from then on! They didn't find an ulcer, which i was most worried about, but they did find other things. The dr. said i had a "lazy stomach"a.k.a gastroparesis. Which just means my stomach is slow to empty food. I was out of it when the Dr. told this to Justin and I, so hopefully next time i meet with him, i could fully understand what he said =) Will have to do some xrays later on to fully understand how exactly my stomach is emptying, but it should just be diet modification. Will probably just have to concentrate on eating foods that aren't hard for my stomach to break down...and lastly, he found a small hiatal hernia. And that i guess is nothing to worry about, unless it somehow gets bigger later on. He said many people have small ones and don't even know about it until they scope them to look for other things (like me). Bur hopefully when i meet with them again i could get more specifics. I guess they did a biopsy just to make sure there's nothing else going on, so pray that that turns out OK! 

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