Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Benjamin

Well baby Benjamin is finally here! I was joking to Katie that she had to hold him in until I got home from Kansas, and she did her best! He was born an hour before I landed in Washington. I finally am putting up some pictures I took of them the first few days.

He is a sweet little man with red hair already.

Seeing Katie go through this experience has been sad for me, I'm not going to lie. Sad because I wanted the belly bump too, to decorate a nursery, to decide what my birth plan will be, and to go through all the hard and loving work of labor to finally hold a special someone like this in my arms.

But for now I will settle for being Auntie Elise and continue celebrating this beautiful life with my friend. Because it really is something to celebrate.
Welcome to the world baby Benji!

Happy Monday my friends,


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A said...

He is absolutely beautiful. I find through all of the sadness and longing (and jealousy) I still cannot resist the wonderful warmth, weight, and smell of a baby - even if it isn't mine :)I will hold and cuddle and love any baby I can get in my arms!