Friday, September 17, 2010


I have been a bad foster mommy, I haven't yet took one picture of our new foster dog! I know, bad me. I would take one now and post it but she just had surgery and honestly she looks a bit scary, so I will wait until she's all healed up.
Foster dog #2 is Takia. She is an 8 month half sharpe, half rottweiler female. She came to us because her current family lived in a small apartment and could not adequately take care of her, so they had to surrender her. I was also told she is for the most part potty trained...yeah, she was definitely NOT potty trained. When we first got her she literally peed like every 4 minutes. After the first day, I felt like something was wrong with her medically. I understand some dogs are nervous in new surroundings, but this was ridiculous! Her eyes were also pretty swollen to where she would walk into us and things because she couldn't open her eyes all the way. So off we went to the vet and sure enough she had a bladder infection. They also thought she had something called entropia (I think that's how it's spelled). I guess it is common in the sharpe breed, to where the extra fat around the eyes irritate her corneas and the swelling gets out of control. She was scheduled to be fixed so while she was under they went ahead and did surgery around her eyes, taking out the extra fat around the eyes. So here we are a week out of surgery and she is doing pretty good. She has sutures all around both eyes that need to be taken out, but that is why she looks scary, due to the white sutures all around. Her right eye looks great, but her left eye looks like it may start swelling again. She can open it at least, but doesn't get as wide as the right one. Either way, she has not walked into walls our us since her surgery, so, so far so good! Other than that, we have had to completely potty train her and also crate train her. She's such a loving dog and loves to be loved on. She gets along so well with our other dogs, and she is intrigued by the cats.
I have to admit, I liked having my two well behaved potty trained dogs. I wasn't really wanting to start all over with another puppy with potty training and basic command training. But it's all worth it when I think about where she would be if she wasn't here. She deserves to be happy and have oodles of love thrown her way. I hope she finds a loving family to call hers very soon, and until she does, she will be a part of ours.
P.S. I will post a picture when her sutures come out.

Happy Friday my friends,


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