Friday, April 9, 2010

Glimpses of happiness

Sometimes in your darkest days, life hands you a happiness pass. It may last for a split second, may last an hour. But every time, it’s unexpected and you’re not quite sure how long it will last. So you smile. And laugh. And your heart is full. Sometimes it’s so quick, you don’t have enough time to appreciate it. But when it lingers, you look up to the heavens and whisper “thank you.” Because you know it will soon go away, and you will soon slip back into your darkest hour.

Well my friends, I have been fortunate enough to receive my happiness pass quite a few times this past week. Some days are better then others. Doesn't really help that I have been moping around the house all week. I've been on lock down with my doggies during the day, and am thankful to have Justin home during lunches and after work. And just now, I heard the wonderful sound of rain outside. I love rain, especially on days like these. God must be giving me a break and doing the crying for me =)
My happiness pass honestly has been my doggies. They follow me around everywhere and will not let me be alone. And they are quite entertaining when I have watched all the TV I could possible watch (gasp! Did I just say that?!), and after I surfed the internet for hours, and wandered the house looking for something to do...they are there.

For now, my doggies (and Justin) are providing me all the company I need. I know that I will soon have to actually leave the house and talk to people again. And I will probably tell my story more times than I want to. But it's not a story I am ashamed of. Hurts, yes. But it's not a story I want to pack away. Because even if it lasted for a few months, it was a part of us, and for that I am grateful.

Happy Friday my friends,



Britt said...

I agree. You have to sometimes LOOK for those things to be happy about. I bought the book "14,000 things to be happy about" and I started my own list. It helps me to remember to look for those small things...cause sometimes the big things (like our sweet babies) escape us! Have a happy weekend with your doggies.

Trisha said...

im glad you're feeling a little bit better. having some loyal puppies around always helps me feel better too (guess thats why i need 3 dogs!). keep your head up, you'll get there.