Monday, November 1, 2010

Decor and halloween

I finally got my decorations up! In the past fall hasn't been my most favorite season so I had minimal decorations. After I put what few stuff I had up today, I felt I needed more. So my mom and I went off to Shopko because their fall decor was 60% off! I buy my Christmas ornaments and some decorations there because they are always on sale, and this season was no different. Things that were normally $40 were $9! What a steal! Here  comes picture overload...

Brea absolutely did not like her costume. She acted as though we were abusing her!

This is our friend's dog Dexter who we are watching while they are on their honeymoon. He had to have a hand me down from Chase because when we went to the store to buy him a costume, they already took down all the pet costumes! He rocked it though, he loved it.

Happy Monday!

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