Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall is here

I usually don't like fall. I love summer, love Christmastime, but, not so much. But this year, I'm embracing it. Don't know what changed, but I'm loving the changing of the seasons. Maybe because I have some cute new leggings I want to show off, or maybe because I haven't been hitting the gym as often as I should and want to hide the extra pounds I've put on. Or maybe it's because fall means we are getting closer to Christmas. Whatever the reason, I'm loving it. Or maybe because I have been happy and have had things to look forward to...did I mention I'm loving it? =)
It's gradually been getting cooler here, slowly easing me into fall. It's been cool but sunny, the perfect combination. Tomorrow we will hopefully bring out our fall decorations and transform the house into a cozy, warm abode. Where I will bake, snuggle under blankets, drink hot chocolate, and stay out of the cold. Yes, fall is here.

Happy Friday,


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Erin said...

I love fall too however the decorations didn't make it out this year lol. Planning on going all out at Christmastime though! That's my fave. But I am enjoying the fall season, esp the change in weather! 100+ degrees daily was getting kinda old! lol.