Saturday, May 15, 2010

B is for Benjamin's baby shower

Today was my very good friend's baby shower. She is due to deliver baby Benjamin in early June. It is so crazy to think in a month she will be holding a baby in her arms! Honestly, in our small group of friends, she was the last person I thought who would have a baby! But nonetheless, I am happy for her. With everything going on in my life, seeing her pregnant has been hard on me (I know, selfish right?!). But now that he is almost here, I am getting anxious and excited to meet him!! And I will be nothing but ecstatic when he is born!

At the baby shower, we ate lots of food and cake,
drank punch,
played games,
sat out in the gorgeous sun,
enjoyed life,
and celebrated this baby and soon-to-be new mommy.

And my friend Melissa and I discovered our new hidden talent is making diaper cakes! We made this diaper cake, and had so much fun doing it. It was both our first times attempting it. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to make more! People have been telling us how great it looks and that we should sell it. So now we have the itch to start our own business! If people want to pay us to make something we love doing, it's a win-win right?

Happy Saturday my friends,


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Lara + Chris said...

I don't think you're selfish at all. Never feel bad for being a little sad or jealous. It's a healthy part of the grief process. The fact that you were supportive and attended and are excited speaks volumes. :)