Monday, May 10, 2010

Get to know our Fur-babies

I don't write too many posts dedicated to my animals, but I should write more considering how much of my heart they consume. They are my babies. My companions.
My love for animals can get a little out of control ; ) If I could have a huge house and an even bigger yard, I would have a shelter and welcome all animals. I cannot watch movies where they show animals being abused or abandoned (even animated ones), and don't get me started on the ASPCA commercials. I want to adopt every animal I see. I give regularly to ASPCA. And I have always, will always, love all animals unconditionally.

Brea. My baby girl! I can just eat up all 7 pounds of her! She is almost too cute for words and I was sad when she turned 1 last month because that meant she wasn't a puppy anymore =( There is just so much I want to tell you about her, I could talk about her for days. I could tell you that she's not much of a lap dog, but when she is a good deep sleep, she will let you hold and cuddle her.
Her hair is out of control and wild, she ALWAYS has bad hair days.
She adores her big brother Chase and follows him around everywhere. She is his shadow.
She has a cat fetish. She loves chasing them and chewing on their ears.
She likes toys, but always has to have the one Chase is playing with, no matter what toy it is.
When she is truly excited or scared, she wiggles her butt uncontrollably and gets low to the ground and spins in circles.
She jumps to try and get on our bed (which is extremely high), but can only jump enough to peek over the bed. When I am laying in bed all I can see is her little eyes bobbing up and down at the side of the bed.
She always starts watching me do my hair, then gets bored with it and runs off.
She's always at our feet when we cook dinner and when we sit down to eat, she hunts around the kitchen floor for any droppings.
She takes forever to eat her food because she is constantly distracted.
I can always find her sleeping cuddled up next to Chases's tummy.
She hates to be on her back, and loves to have her belly rubbed.
I could go on and on because there are too many things that define who she is. She is my fluff-ball and I love her dearly.

Chase. My heart smiles every time I look at him. He is the classic lab. Loves everyone and everything. When you look into his eyes all you will see is love. There is not a mean bone in his body. If he wasn't 70 lbs of pure love, he would probably let me hold and cuddle him all day long. If I were to tell you about Chase, I would tell you that his one passion in life is fetching a ball. He l-o-v-e-s playing ball and will play for hours on end if we let him. I'm pretty sure he wakes up every morning thinking about his ball and goes to bed dreaming of it.
He let's Brea cuddle up next to him and climb all over him.
He loves sleeping on a pillow.
He taught Brea how to bark when people are at the door.
He doesn't really notice the cats, he could care less about them!
He loves his crate, and would rather be crated then be left outside.
He hates smoke and doesn't like when we cook in the stove. He stays out of the kitchen then. If we burn something and he smells smoke, he starts shaking bad.
His tail is constantly wagging.
He will come up and put his head in your lap and stare up at you with his big sad eyes.
When Justin goes to bed and I stay up late on the computer or in another room, he follows me and sleeps close by.
He will devour a raw hide in no time, then follows Brea around while she chews on hers, hoping she will get tired of it so he could have it.
He loves walks.
He knows he is not allowed on any of the furniture and doesn't try to get on it. However, we do have one couch in our cougar room he knows he is allowed on and will jump up on it and cuddle up next to you.
The only cool trick we taught him was to shake hands and he does that really well.
He lets Brea come right up and steal a toy out of his mouth, then just gets up and gets another one.
He's on hyper alert around 5 when he knows Justin comes home and is on the look-out for when the garage door opens.
He's my buddy and just full of love.

Jackson. My "firstborn." He has been my companion for the past 6 years. Traveling back and forth with me between nursing school and home during the summers. Plus with all the moving I've done in the past 6 years, he has been by side the whole way. When I got him he was just a baby, his whole body could fit in one hand. Now almost 19 pounds later, I could tell you that Jackson loves food! He will eat anything and everything.
He loves to snuggle, but doesn't like to be petted for too long before he tries to nip at you.
He loves sleeping on every single piece of furniture we own and getting hair all over it. Thanks Jack.
Sometimes he goes up to Chase and rubs his head on his.
He lets Brea walk (literally) all over him and likes to play with her.
He has a million and one nicknames.
Half of his day is spent hanging out by his food bowl.
He constantly tries to sneak into our closet and lay all over our clothes.
He loves boxes and will try to lay in them, even if he doesn't fit.
Most the time he sleeps at our feet, and in the morning he tries to sneak up and lick my hands.
Sometimes I find him playing with the dogs toys.
He loves to lick plastic bags, much to our annoyance.
If he is hungry, he will meow until you feed him.
He loves chasing cat treats.
He used to try and play and chase the other cat, but now I think he's given up.
He's the Jack-attack and will always be my "first born."

Prissy. I was lucky enough to acquire her when I met Justin. She is Justin's cat but I think she secretly likes me more ; ) She just a bit bigger than Brea but definitely holds her own in this house. Everyone, including animals, knows not to mess with Prissy. If I could tell you about her I would tell you that she l-o-v-e-s to snuggle and will snuggle with you 24/7 if you let her.
She always sleeps on our bed at night.
If you look at her and just say her name she will always meow. Guaranteed.
She spends the majority of her day perched on a couch and looks outside. She loves looking outside.
She gets excited when she sees birds and makes really weird sounds.
She is the softest cat you will ever touch.
She gets scared really easily and runs away when we have company.
She will let you know when she's mad. She will growl to let you know she is not happy.
She doesn't necessarily care for the dogs.
She loves sitting on Justin's desk.
She also sometimes tries to sneak into our closet and hide amongst our clothes.
If she needs something, she will follow you and meow. Otherwise she pretty much does her own thing.
She sleeps ALL day long.
She somehow knows she is not allowed on our living room couch, and obeys that rule.
When I go to bed in the morning after work, she always jumps on the bed and sleeps next to me.
If you don't want to snuggle and push her away, she knows to not keep trying.
Her and our three other animals are our babies. And while I have been going through some hardships lately, I can count on my animals to help pull me out of my funk. I hope you enjoyed getting to know our loves.

Happy Monday my friends,



Lara + Chris said...

They are all darling! I love how different each one of them is. :)

Erin said...

love this post :) i love my fur babies too --2 cats! their constant need for attention through meows and flopping over anywhere they can to block my way for belly rubs always makes me stop and smile and stoop down to give them pets :) they were the topic of one of my blog posts last week too :)