Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Will Carry You

I have been following Angie Smith's blog for a while now and saw that she wrote a book about her experience losing her daughter. I really had no intention of reading it. That was before. Last week I decided to buy it and give it a try, wondering if I could take some words of wisdom from her book. Boy, did I ever! This is definitely a must read. Even if you have never been through something like this before, I think everyone can benefit from it. She even gives suggestions on how to respond/talk to someone who has lost a child. Just a warning, a lot of her book talks about the bible and her Christian beliefs, so just mentioning it in case anyone feels uncomfortable with that.
I want to include a few of my favorite quotes from the book...

"People constantly ask how it is that I am not angry with the Lord. My honest answer is that I have been angry, and I have been disappointed. What I have not been, and what I refuse to be, is disbelieving." -Angie Smith

"In this life we are going to be disappointed. We will be hurt. But there is great joy in the shadows if you know where to look." -Angie Smith

And my absolute favorite one needs a back story. Angie writes about when Jesus brought Lazarus back to life. His sister went to Jesus' feet, broke a bottle of perfume, let her hair down and wiped the perfume along his feet with her hair. "In other words, the God of the universe had chosen Mary to anoint the body of his precious Son...and she had no idea." Which brings me to my favorite quote...
"Whatever it is, a loss, a divorce, a death, a hurt, something you feel is out of your control, forgotten by the One who could make it right again-know this.
He has not forgotten.
He heard you call.
He may wait to come to you because He is withholding a blessing in order to give you a better one...
And as the glass shatters all around you and you grow dizzy from the intoxicating smell of pure love, get as close to His feet as you can.
And know this.
It was always meant to fall from your hands. And He is glorified in the shattering." -Angie Smith

I have been finding great comfort in words lately and am so glad I read this book. It's definitely a must read!

Happy Thursday my friends,



Mrs. G said...

I have started the book but haven't gotten very far. I plan on sitting down this weekend to really finish it.

Betsy & Kurt said...

I totally agree! This is one of the best books I've ever read! I ordered and read probably... 10 or 12 books about child loss and grief shortly after we lost Olivia, and this one was by far the best. I pre-ordered it in December and it was delivered a few weeks ago.. I finished it in like an evening and a half, and I highlighted SO many lines it's ridiculous. I have been recommending it to everyone I know.

Elise said...

Betsy-I totally highlighted too! I have never highlighted a book in my life but there were too many great lines I wanted to remember I just had to highlight!