Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to get off my butt

Time to get back to the real world I suppose. I spent all last week holed up in the house for the most part. Hopefully the worst is over with this miscarriage and I am on the tail end of it. Hopefully. My levels last week were 1,500 so I have to keep doing lab work until they are down to 0. A few weeks ago my levels were 20,000  so I was happy it dropped. Hopefully it continues to fall.
Time to get back to work. Time to get back to cleaning house. Time to get back to working out. Time to get back to living life. Plus, the wedding I am in is right around the corner! It crept up on me. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze myself into the bridesmaid dress, keeping my fingers crossed for that one.
I feel like I will be forever catching up on everything. Plus I haven't kept up on the blogs I regularly read. Some of them are pregnancy blogs, and I wasn't in the mood for that lately, so I avoided them. I've been neglecting my own blog as well, as I'm sure you have all noticed =)
And this past weekend Takia went to her forever home. Broke my heart. I was happy, but I also felt sad and panicky almost. The family she is going to is a great one, but it didn't change the fact that I would miss her. I felt like she was in a routine and doing so well, and I didn't want that disrupted. But I kept reminding myself that she will have all that with her new family.

I'm so glad she came into our lives. But I'm sure in due time, we will have another dog to take in and love on.

Happy Monday everyone,



Michelle said...

I'm really sorry about your miscarriage. :( You are handling it so well. I can't imagine how hard it is. Hugs.

I think it's so wonderful that you foster. Thank you for caring for that adorable dog. That's an amazing gift.

Lara + Chris said...

Oh, my gosh, that is the cutest dog EVER. What a smiley lady! I hope your levels keep dropping quickly.