Monday, July 5, 2010

Cuteness all around

My teeny tiny doggie finally got a much needed haircut. I always wait until the last minute to get her groomed and by that time she looks like a mop, her hair hangs over her eyes, and she is a poor sight! But bless her heart, she goes with the flow and doesn't seem to mind. I usually take her to a certain groomer but they couldn't get me in soon enough (or should I say, they never answered their phone) so I made an appointment at Petco. Yes, I was desperate, but I figured, it's hair, and if they butcher it, it'll grow back.

 Here is a before picture

And a few after...

She says "I love my new haircut!"

They sprayed her with some doggie perfume and she smells wonderful, but I'm sure it won't last for long =) For those of you that don't know, she is a silky terrier, and here is a fun fact I got from my co-worker: Her breed is supposed to have really long flowy hair that goes down to the ground...yeah right, like I can maintain that! But way back in the day people used to send these dogs into the mines to chase away rats before the people would go down. Well their hair was supposed to be really long so the rats couldn't bite them. Yuck! Well she will be doing no rat chasing anytime soon, so her hair will stay short!

And speaking of cuteness, I was watching a panda breeding documentary on the smithsonian channel (yes we have like a million channels) and I now want a baby panda bear.


Aren't they just precious?!? Even the adult ones are cute, but watching them interact with each other and their trainers was so cute. The show said they look like little kids in a bear costume playing, and they really do. If you have the smithsonian channel, you have to watch it, I was going "aww!" the entire show!

Happy Monday my friends,



Our Great Adventure said...

Okay, I just said "aww" while reading your post! Your doggie is so cute! As is the baby panda :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! You doggy is so cute! The panda is adorable too! I don't get that channel, but I'm sure I would've been "Awwwww"-ing the same as you. :)