Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl needs a haircut and other riff raff

It hasn't been too long since her last groom, but she looks like she needs one already! She always has a bad hair day because I'm not sure how I want her hair, still, after a year. I need to make up my mind already. We like her hair longer because if it's too short then she looks like a rat and like a boy. She's teeny, she's only 7 1/2 lbs, but probably 2 lbs of hair! I want her bangs short because they always seem to fall over her eyes, but not sure how short. Ugh, I just need to decide already! Anyone have a terrier (she is a silky) and if so, how do you groom their hair?

Haha, I love this! This sits on top of my mirror in my bathroom. It has a whole bunch of different funny sayings that I got from a local store here. I usually keep it on one for a few months then change it. I will take pictures of the different ones and post them on here from time to time. Love it!

And this was the sunset from our front yard last night. I glanced out the window last night and saw this and had to go take a picture. How cool are those colors?!
Now off to go rest before I have to work tonight, boo =(

Happy Friday my friends,



Fabiola said...

Dear Elise, I hoping over from Jenna's Blog.
I read you had two miscarriage recently. Me too. I had one in January and another one last week.
I know exactly how you feel.

I will be praying for you to keep your courage and hope!!


Laura said...

Beautiful picture of the sunset!!!!!!

*visiting from Jenna's

tea said...

Your dog is so cute! And that sunset is amazing! I love seeing all the awesome things God has made. :)
I found you through Jenna's commenting challenge. :)

Jennifer said...

Here from Jenna's! Love your blog! I need that book of funny sayings... what a refreshing thing to wake up to!