Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wine and eggs

But not together, that does not sound appetizing!
I had a great girlie weekend while the hubs was out of town. My friends and I love wine so it was a wino girlie fest! We went to a winery and after we did some tasting, we sat outside with our bottles of wine and a packed picnic my friend brought and ate and drank the afternoon away.

We also went swimming Friday and Saturday and I'm happy to say I got some sun and got to cool down in this scorching 100 degree weather. I'm normally not a big swim fan, I can't remember the last time I actually went. But it was so hot this weekend and the thought of drinking some wine while swimming...well there was just no other option =)
And this morning I got up and was craving some eggs. Let me side track for a minute and tell you that I have a new found obsession. I saw a documentary a while back called Food Inc. and it changed the way I will eat forever! I'm not a big meat person anyway, I could live perfectly well without it, but Justin likes his meat so I eat it with him. I never really thought about what goes into the food that I put in my body. I never thought about the hormones that could possibly be added, or the antibiotics, or even if the animals lived in cages or not. All I knew was that when I was craving a hamburger, McDonalds or Red Robin had just what I wanted! Well this documentary opened my eyes to know where my meat comes from. I started researching the local grocery stores to figure out who carries organic meat (I never thought those words would be coming out of my mouth!) and let's just say it isn't very many. I would just like to go down the street and grab whatever meat is cheapest, it would make my life much easier. But now that I found only a few stores that carry what I want, I have to drive further. I don't know if this eye opening experience is a good or bad thing. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But I do like knowing the meat I put into my body is treated humanely and free of the bad stuff. Anyway, all this talk leads to my breakfast of eggs this morning.

The one thing that isn't hard to find in any store are eggs. Every store I've seen has a big selection of these eggs. And they are actually quite good! And this all leads to me sharing a secret with you. Or it may not be a secret and I'm just now in the know! I learned this little trick from Miss Paula Deen on how to make your eggs fluffy...

Just a dollop of this and viola! Doesn't have to be light, that's just my preference =) And if you all knew this, then sorry it wasn't much of a surprise!

And I'm excited to share something with you all in an upcoming post! (And, no, I am not pregnant!)

Happy Sunday my friends,


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Erin said...

I didn't know that about the sour cream and eggs...we have both in the fridge..mmm Saturday morning breakfast may have taken on a new twist! DH didn't know that either! Cool!