Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

I'm jumping on the band wagon here. I've seen many blogs do this and thought I should start because I think everyone should take a minute and think about what they are thankful for. Especially if you are going through a hard time and are hurts just a bit less if we stop and think about the good things in life.
A little side story real quick. I made my Thankful Thursdays badge with an apple blossom for a special reason. I love finding out what different things symbolize. And I found out that apple blossoms signify that better things are to come. Which I think fits so perfectly into my life right now, I just had to incorporate it in here somehow!
So here we go...I'm thankful for

having hope: After everything that has gone on this past year, it would have been so easy to lose hope in myself and in God. But no matter what, I kept that hope that "better things are to come." I have been sad, angry, bitter about everything I have been through, but I have not lost hope.
                 (Another apple blossom badge I made)

My doggies: They are my fur-babies and are my constant companions. I swear they look after me as much as I look after them. Whenever I need a cuddle or a hug, they are more than willing to give me love!

Of course Justin: I honestly do thank God for him everyday. I think he is the only one who can handle my craziness : ) He's up for anything (even if it is a chick flick. He doesn't like it but will do it for me!) and helps me when I have a crazy new hobby I want to take up.

Celebrity magazines: Is this weird that I'm thankful for them?! I look forward to the Friday when Us magazine shows up in the mail. And sometimes at the grocery store, I will buy a People or OK! magazine and feel so happy! It's the little things in life I suppose.

another obvious one, my family: both Justin's and mine. Even though we don't see each other all the time, it just feels comfortable whenever we get together.

my Canon camera: I don't think I will ever fully master what all my camera can do, but it has been my creative outlet and my new passion.

I have so much more I am thankful for but will save those for later weeks. What are you thankful for?

Happy Thursday my friends,

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Our Great Adventure said...

Yaay! I love this! (and your badge!)It is wonderful to reflect at least once a week if not daily ya know. Really makes you think. And no, it is not weird that you are thankful for celebrity mags! It is totally the little things! Here's to many more Thankful Thursdays!