Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another masterpiece

We made our third diaper cake this past weekend, and this was our first sale! Granted, it was my mom for her friend, but a sale is a sale =) This was also the first one we have made for a little girl. That is probably why it is bursting with pink. I had zebra and hot pink in my mind for a while so I was glad when we could finally make it. My friend and I really enjoy making these and it's an added bonus that we can get paid to do it. Like I said this was only our third one so we are still just getting some basics down. We have been playing with how to make it really stable. And later on hopefully we can expand into making different shapes and what not with the diapers. But that is for later =)

Here is the back with a rattle sticking up from out of it.

And the top of the diaper cake. The zebra on top is a toy with it's legs sticking out from in between the flowers. I wish it would have been a bit bigger but it was way too cute to pass up.

So there you have it. Another success!

Happy Sunday my friends,



melissa h. said...

cute! i've been making diaper cakes for years! every pregnant friend begs for them at their showers lol. are you using a baby shampoo bottle in the middle for stability? depending on the size i'm making i either do that...or wooden skewers through the layers. both seem to work well!

Lara + Chris said...

That is DARLING! How awesome! (And how awesome of you to be able to do those with your history...I don't think I could!)