Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If any of you remember, we had a foster dog named Skye who was staying with us while she waited to go to
her new home. Well today was the day she went to live with her new family. She was only with us for a month and I never thought I'd be this sad to see her go. Granted, we could never have more than two permanent dogs living in this house at once. Our house isn't huge so adopting anymore animals is out of the question. That's why fostering is great. But I never expected myself to be this sad! I think I was more scared for Skye. See, when we first got her she was very jumpy and wouldn't leave my side. Always looking over her shoulder to make sure someone was there. I wasn't sure if it was because she was in a new place, or if it had anything to do with her past. We didn't know where she came from because she was a stray. She got very comfortable living here and I didn't want her to get scared or think we were abandoning her (if she could really think that). I was scared she wasn't going to a good home (even though the shelter reassured us she was going to a great home). So I was mostly sad for her. Well today came and she walked out of our house tail wagging. I hope she doesn't get scared and lives happily ever after with her new family. 
As I do with all our dogs, I will do a quick "get to know" Skye, even though she is no longer a part of this household anymore.

In the short month she was a part of our family, we learned that Skye loves girls. She's not too sure about guys at first but once she gets to know them, she's OK with them to.
We learned that she's a licker, and especially loves hands.
We learned that she loves playing with other dogs.
She never left my side.
She loves trying to get up onto furniture, even though she is not allowed.
She loved a red chew toy of Chase's, which we gave to her to enjoy on her car ride to her new family.
She wasn't too sure about rawhides at first, but was learning to love them.
She doesn't like being startled.
She loves having her back rubbed, and will lean into you to let you know she likes it.
She has to be the first one through the door.
She knows basic commands like sit and come.
She's just a sweet girl who loves to be loved.

We'll miss you Skye!

Happy Wednesday my friends,

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