Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's talk about lipgloss

One thing I can't leave the house without is lipgloss. Not chapstick or lipstick, but gloss. I love how it slides on your lips and tastes yummy. I have probably three in my purse, a couple more in my workbag, and a few others laying around. When I go to work, I put pens in one pocket, and lipgloss in the other. Do you get the picture now?! Ha, I love it. And not any old kind, but the super-you can see your reflection in your lips kind. My all time favorite (and go to) are from Victoria's Secret. They are super shiny and taste good!

This one is my newest discovery. It's also from Victoria's Secret (not exactly in this color).
Can you tell I love Victoria's Secret?!

Now on to the fails. With finding your favorites, you need to try some not so good ones. Being on my all natural kick recently, I tried the lipgloss from Burts Bees:

It was alright. The shine wasn't bad, but it had a funny aftertaste whenever you licked your lips. I still have it in my workbag, hopefully it will grow on me after a while =)

This one is an ultimate fail however:

It's made from carrots. Umm, I almost puked in my mouth after I put it on. Not so yummy. And the shine wasn't that great. Just say no to carrots, yuck!

Oh, and believe it or not, can you guess what gives a great shine? I use this when at home or right before I put on my lipgloss. Can you guess it?


Yes, it gives a great shine and it's cheap!
What's your favorite lipgloss?

Happy Saturday my friends,

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Lara + Chris said...

I looooove "Sexy Motherpucker". I can't remember who makes it, but you can get it at Target. It's one of those plumpers and I can't get enough of it.