Thursday, August 5, 2010

A love-hate relationship

Today I was at my wit's end. I love my iphone. It's my baby. I carry it with me everywhere. I never thought I could love a phone as much as I love mine (I know, a bit dramatic).
I play games, check facebook a million times a day, listen to music, shop for new apps, play with my existing apps, and sometimes talk/text people. But I have one tiny problem with it...

I can't get a call in/or out half the time! You know, the whole reason of having a phone?! I haven't had a land line for years. We use our cells phones. Ever since we got our iphones a while back, the service sucks. Sometimes I get service in my house, sometimes I don't. Justin doesn't get service at the college he attends for his classes. Our calls get dropped a lot. And today I had it. I was trying to get a hold of Justin after I left the gym to ask him to do a favor for me. A small, insignificant favor. I knew he was at home and when I kept getting his voicemail, I was getting mad. Not at him, because I knew that my calls weren't going through.
And sure enough, when I got home, his phone didn't ring once. Only thirty minutes later did he get my one text message. I was mad. I immediately demanded he call and add a land line to our cable/internet service. Plus, I was expecting a phone call and was worried it wasn't going through.
*sigh* technology. So now we have a home phone. I am fully aware that it does us no good when we are not at home, but I needed some sort of solution. I know I could just go to a whole different provider all together, but after all this drama, I still love my iphone. 

Happy Thursday my friends,

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Lara + Chris said...

I have the same issue with my iPhone. AT&T sucks!!