Thursday, December 8, 2011

8 weeks

Landon is 8 weeks old, my oh my! He has grown into quite a chunky monkey these past few months, haha! My maternity leave has consisted of hanging around the house with my little man, celebrating the holidays, and trying to enjoy every minute I can with him before I go back to work. Let me just say, I am uber jealous of stay at home moms, I would love to stay home with him if I could. Heck, with the price of daycare, I may just have to, haha!

So what does our day consist of? We really don't have a set schedule yet, which is fine since I'm not working right now. Landon eats about every 3-4 hours so every day is different. If I don't get much sleep that night then I try and sleep in that morning, but sometimes he doesn't let that happen : )  He absolutely loves his swing, so some days I'll put him in that so I can get some stuff done around the house while he sleeps. I don't get out too much with him during the day since I don't want to increase his chances of getting sick. Oh don't get me wrong, he's gone out plenty of times, or else I'd go stir crazy here! But on days where I need to run a ton of errands I just wait for Justin to come home so he can watch him.

Landon is a great eater, pretty good sleeper and seems to be an overall happy baby, I can't complain : ) He's starting to coo and follows objects, which makes this mama happy! Some of his newborn clothes are starting to get snug, pretty soon we'll have to start putting some clothes away! We just went to size 1 diapers this week, what a growing boy!!
Of course I've been pinterest crazy too since I sit home most of the day, so I want to blog about some stuff I've done after being pinspired! Can't wait!


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Katharine said...

What a handsome little guy! And I love his hat!