Friday, December 30, 2011

Beauty review

One thing I love about reading blogs is when people recommend beauty products. I am a make-up and beauty product freak. I love trying new tips and make-up, but when I find a skin and hair care product I love, I usually stick with it. Gets kind of expensive, that's why I take advantage of whenever Sephora has sales! If I'm not shopping at Sephora, I usually stick with the Maybelline brand. I just got some new foundation from Maybelline I've been trying out, along with some new brushes. If I love them, I will post about it!

Anyway, I have two products that I want to gush about on here. One I've been using forever, and the other I just started using.

Haha, just realized the one I said I've used forever is from Make up Forever!

Sens'eyes Make Up Forever eye make-up remover-

I love this.  I used to use the make-up remover pads from like Neutrogena, but I'd go through them in no time and it would irritate my skin by rubbing it. With this stuff I just put a dab of it on a cotton ball (more if I used more eye make up that day) and wipe away! It helps to stick it on your eyelid for a few seconds and then wipe. I still obviously have to rub it but I don't have to push hard at all to get it all off. It takes off my eye make up, mascara, and under eye concealer. And it doesn't irritate my skin after I'm done. It's kind of pricey for one bottle but it lasts way longer than the wipes I used to buy. 

Falsies mascara from Maybelline-

Love love love this! I kind of gave up on mascara a long time ago because I have really short eyelashes and nothing I could do would make them stand out, besides fake eyelashes. I tried tons of different mascaras, including the ones with like a glue you put on first and they are supposed to create like tubes that are supposed to elongate your lashes. Does that make sense? Maybe I need to do a video blog (vlog) when I talk about this stuff! Anyway, that stuff worked ok I guess, but it was messy. I was using One by One by Maybelline and it was just alright. Falsies makes me feel like my lashes are thick and beautiful! It doesn't really make them look a whole lot longer, but definitely more volume. ::swoon::! 

Just a few of my favorite things for you. Oh, and I'm working on my favorite baby things for you all, I should be posting about that shortly!

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