Monday, December 19, 2011

Girly gift exchange

Another successful girly gift exchange has come and gone! Every year I have a girly party at my house with all my girlfriends. This years was pinterest inspired (pinspired) and it looked great! However, with Justin having a party at the house the night before then leaving out of town that next day, plus having a baby to take care, I was running behind most of the day. Thank goodness for some friends who helped me pull it off at the last possible moment! I was worried we weren't going to have the food out in time, but everything was able to be served, and was delicious!
Because of this I wasn't able to take very many pictures as I had planned, kind of bummed about that. But did take some, although it doesn't quite show off the fabulous that was this party ; )

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, I took them in such a rush that some are blurry and really, all I wanted to do was hurry up and try the sangria : )

Definitely blurry, but you get the overall feel for the food table.

The Christmas Sangria, one word can describe it....amazing. It was so delicious! And my first alcoholic drink since January, so also well deserved!

These were marshmellow dippers for the hot chocolate bar, so cute!

These were last minute replacements. I actually had planned to make gingerbread bites (which were also so delicious), but they randomly didn't turn out the THREE different batches we tried to make. Definitely was not meant to be I guess.

Here are the candy cane name holders I made. So easy to make and oh so cute. And you can't tell but the Grinch cookies are green. : )

Not the best shot, but the Nutella hot chocolate bar.

Christmas crunch, which everyone got to take home in their own tin. A party favor I suppose.

The tins that housed the Christmas Crunch. (And the mini deep dish pizzas right next to them).

And my little elf, who slept most of the time, but decided to get up for a bit and join the party!

Here is the list of what I made:

Chicken ranch bites
Mini deep dish pizzas
Caesar salad
Grinch cookies
Mini pumpkin choco-chip muffins
Christmas Sangria
Nutella hot cocoa bar
Christmas crunch

All pinspired : )

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